What makes a game great?

To me there are tons of ways for a game to be great, fun and interesting. I have witness games be just for the experience and nothing more and they were still fun to play. games like Undertale or Stanley Parable others are more for showing the player something other then just beating the game. games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne challenge the player by having awkward controls and not holding the player hand through most things in the game, it’s meant to bring you enjoyment when you beat a really tough boss or enemy or overcoming tough challenge. then you have other games meant to put players against one another, but there is way more kind of games out there. it’s hard to say that this is a great way for a game to go when the game just ends up being fun for certain gamers, each game is like a food buffet where you will see different people will go for different things they like. In my perspective it really depends on the gamer and what they are into, sure big game reviewers will have critics on a game that someone likes but hey if the player can find a gem hidden inside something with bad reviews then more power to them.


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